Based on a popular play by Alfredo Ramos, The Last Brown Beret follows a group of 1960s East LA activists as they reunite for a funeral for one of their former comrades. At the afterparty, one of the old “brown berets” gathers the others in the garage where they used to meet as young revolutionaries. Together, they attempt to come to terms with what they achieved for their communities, and what was left undone. Written, directed, and produced by acclaimed actor Del Zamora, the film is a rollercoaster ride of emotions, full of love for the Chicanx people and their history of advocacy.

Writer/director/producer Del Zamora will join Ben Olguín (English, UCSB) for a post screening discussion of The Last Brown Beret.

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  • Aaron Quitta
  • Maria Cortes Becerra
  • Ana Cebreros

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