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Join Professor Boddy as she discusses shared health vulnerabilities of female animals across the tree of life. This talk will discuss how observing animal health can provide new insights and innovations to women’s health, including diseases such as cancer, pre-eclampsia and infertility.

This Profs @ the Pub features Associate Professor Amy Boddy, a human biologist and evolutionary theorist in the Integrative Anthropological Sciences Unit at UCSB. Her work uses evolutionary and ecological approaches to help understand human health and disease. Her active research areas have a strong focus on women's health, including cancer biology and reproduction. She is currently co-leader in the Comparative Oncology Project at the Arizona Cancer and Evolution (ACE) Center and co-leads an international team on the Microchimerism, Human Health, and Evolution Project.

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  • Alessandro Moretto
  • Shayla Monroe
  • Rosaura Aguirre
  • Colette Harmon

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