Hannah Paulus was six years old when she started learning how to play the cello, and blissfully unaware of the challenges the instruments’ size would eventually pose to travel with. She is now a fourth year performance student studying with Jennifer Kloetzel at UCSB and has performed many notable works by composers such as Haydn, Ligeti, and Barber, among many others. She credits Cathy Allen for her insightful teaching and patience during her middle and high school years, and has worked with many other instructors in and around the Bay Area. Hannah went on tour with the Oakland Symphony Youth Orchestra in three different cities in Cuba, and has played at many different Summer festivals in Europe and the US. Though Hannah has been surrounded by classical music her whole life, she finds a lot of inspiration from a variety of other genres, such as jazz, rock, hip hop and more. She loves that the cello’s range is similar to that of the human voice, and sees potential in how that range can be framed within many different styles of music in both a performance and teaching context.

Photo credit Ivan Law

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