Mwedzi means moon, menstrual cycle, and month in Chivanhu. Mwedzi tells the story of a rite of passage into Womanhood. The twelve-year journey began in 2008, when the artist left Zimbabwe for the United States. As a Zimbabwean woman living in the United States, staying grounded in ancestral wisdom has been vital for survival. Mwedzi shares this wisdom and honors the healing power of ancestors, the Divine Feminine, and self-love. From the artist, “A year ago, my great great grandmother, Charwe, began visiting me in my dreams. She had heard my prayers. My prayers at that time were filled with sorrow. I wept every night, pleading to be reconciled with my homeland, my family, and the ancestral knowledge stolen from us over seven hundred relentless years of capitalism, white supremacy, Christian missionary proselytism, and neo-colonialism. In my dream, Charwe said Musikavanhu – the Creator – had called me to heal the very tears I was weeping; and that I would heal this wound in myself, and in others. She had come to teach me the ways of N’anga – the sacred healers. ‘Everything will be made whole,’ Charwe said. ‘But in order to become a keeper of this ancestral wisdom, you must first be initiated into Womanhood’.”

Post performance screening Q&A to follow with Tanyaradzwa Tawengwa, and special artist appearances with Etienne Charles and Gerson Lazo-Quiroga.


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  • Timothy Cooley
  • Gabriela Diaz
  • Danielle Reed

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