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Amita Swadhin & Jaden Fields

Activist Scholar in Residence Series

In November 2021, Mirror Memoirs filmed our new theater project, "Transmutation: A Ceremony," featuring four Black (including Afro Latinx) transgender, non-binary and/or intersex assigned-male at birth women and femmes who survived child sexual abuse, navigate the ongoing violence of the world as Black trans femmes, and share their vision of healing and the world we need and deserve. We have screened the recording for about 200 people so far (three different screenings), and are now partnering with universities and conferences to reach even larger audiences. We will be sharing this work at the virtual National Sexual Assault Conference in August, and hope to perform it live in Los Angeles and/or New York City in 2023. You can see a trailer here. The performance is 90 minutes long. We usually follow it with a panel of the cast members and directors, and then a healing circle, as the show brings up a lot for viewers, even if they aren't survivors.

Program on Thursday 2/23:

Public Lecture, 11am-12:15pm - Embarcadero Hall
Screening of "Transmutation: A Ceremony." Followed by a Keynote, Q&A, dinner and a Healing Circle
Keynote & Q&A, 5:30-7pm - MCC Theater
Dinner and Healing Circle, 7:30-9:00 pm PST - MCC Lounge

Total event time: 3 hours

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