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Professor Ken Paller holds the James Padilla Chair and directs the Training Program in the Neuroscience of Human Cognition at Northwestern University. He is a Fellow of the Association for Psychological Science, a Senior Fellow with the Mind and Life Institute, and was awarded the Senator Mark Hatfield Award from the Alzheimer’s Association. His past research has focused on human memory and consciousness. His work has contributed to the scientific understanding of conscious memory experiences as well as of memory operations that transpire in the absence of retrieval-awareness, as in intuition, bias, and implicit memory. He has also investigated memory disorders and produced evidence linking memory deficits to poor sleep. His lab’s studies of memory processing during sleep continue to help to elucidate the hidden but critical contributions of sleep to mental abilities, including remembering, solving problems, and cognitive habits that support well-being more generally. Ken has published over 200 scientific articles, reviews, and book chapters (see for downloadable publications and videos).

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