Produced and broadcast by the national public broadcasting company RAI in Italy, Inspector Montalbano is a long-running police procedural series that has been airing from 1999 to the present. Based on the detective novels of Andrea Camilleri, the show stars Luca Zingaretti as the titular detective who runs the state police station of the fictional town of Vigàta in Sicily. “Turning Point” (“Il giro di boa”), the first episode of series five, adapts Camilleri’s novel Rounding the Mark. This episode finds Montalbano reeling from the news of a police raid on political activists in Genoa and considering the future of his own career choices. He takes on a new case, involving a death that may be linked to a human trafficking ring that brings him into contact with a shady criminal underworld.

Following a screening of Inspector Montalbano Series 5, Episode 1: “Turning Point,” Stephanie Malia Hom (French and Italian, UCSB) will join moderator Anna Brusutti (Film and Media Studies, UCSB) for a post-screening discussion.

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