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An internationally recognized pioneer of electroacoustic, computer, and interdisciplinary music, Clarence Barlow has created exquisite algorithmic compositions for traditional instruments and electronic devices since the 1970s. Barlow’s interest in compositional technique has been adapted to a number of experimental films that he has made since 1988. In the six films presented as part of this program, his compositions are illustrated through visual media. Barlow’s compositional address to visual representation extends our understanding of his own unique compositional approach to tonality and metricism.

This evening’s program will feature the following films: Uccelli Ungheresi (1988), Kuri Suti Bekar (1998), Estudio Siete (1995/2015), Zero Crossing (2001), )ertur( (2015) and Evanescent Evidence (2021).

Composer and filmmaker Clarence Barlow will join moderator Peter Bloom (Film and Media Studies, UCSB) for a post-screening discussion of Barlow’s work on film.

Please note the following COVID protocols for Pollock Theater events: Audience members must bring masks and wear them for the entire duration of the event. An acceptable mask fully covers both nose and mouth with ear loops or similar fastenings to hold it securely in place. This policy is subject to change in accordance with guidance from local health officials. For further details, visit this page.

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