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Musical Networks and Community Building in Indonesia and Beyond - Woto “Wok the Rock” Wibowo

Underground music in Indonesia has developed a distinctive DIY method, influenced by open traditions of sharing and communal culture in a tropical environment, as well as limited infrastructure and financial support from the government. People in Indonesia work together, depsite limited facilities. This creative cooperation has led to networking between communities that built an independent movement, in spite of the ongoing effects of feudal and colonial hierarchical social modes. This event is a cross- cultural sharing space to create a critical, open and sustainable dialogue around music, art and trans- local networks.

Born in Madiun in 1975, Woto Wibowo (aka Wok The Rock) lives and works in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. A graduate in Visual Communication Design at the Indonesian Institute of Art, he is a cross-disciplinary artist and co-founder of Ruang MES 56, a contemporary photography collective. He is also active in the underground music scene in Yogyakarta, producing music with local artists, as well as in the free culture movement in Indonesia, as director of running the influential net label Yes No Wave Music and project manager of the Jogja Sonic Index project.

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